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Operating since 2007, Headphone Disco has grown to become the largest silent disco event producer & wireless headphone rental company worldwide. With tens of thousands of top of the range headphones available, we power hundreds of events across the globe every year for clients including Firefly Festival, Creamfields and The Rock Boat. From festivals, nightclubs and corporate events to weddings, birthdays and bar mitzvahs – whatever the size or type of your event we’re here to help make it a night to remember at an affordable price.


How can we help you host your silent disco party?



How it works

  •  You rent our wireless headphones!
  •  We deliver all the tech you’ll need. Free delivery nationwide!
  •  We include a detailed set-up guide and a 24/7 tech support number
  •  You throw your own awesome silent disco.
  •  You pack away the kit, and we collect it again.




How it works

  •  You hire us!
  •  Our crew arrive at your location and set up our full audio-visual production.
  •  Our DJs battle it out playing up to 3 different channels of music at the same time!
  •  The crowd flicks between channels to take control of their dancefloor experience.
  •  Your audience leaves thrilled and delighted while we pack up the show.



Looking to take your event to the next level? With our silent disco headphones rental packages throwing your own silent disco couldn’t be easier. We’ve been helping add a spectacle to weddings, nightclubs, birthdays, bar mitzvahs and beyond across the globe since 2007. Drop us a message today and one of our planners will be happy to guide you through the best options to give your guests a night to remember.



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Every Order Includes…

Free Delivery Nationwide

Delivered well in advance to give you plenty of time to get comfortable with the equipment.

Free No Hassle Returns

Simply pack away the kit once you’re done and we’ll collect it.

100% Plug & Play

Leads are included to connect with all the most common sound sources (iPod, decks, laptop, mixers…)

Up to 3 Channels

Broadcast up to 3 channels of music to the headphones simultaneously and let your guests flick between them. Perfect when catering to different age groups and music tastes.

Superb Sound Quality

Just one of the reasons we’re the preferred wireless headphone supplier for festivals around the world.

Step-by-Step Setup Guide

If you can hook up a DVD player you’ve got this!

Fully Tested

Equipment is checked and batteries replaced before every event so all headphones have their full 12 hours of use.

Spare Batteries

No need to wait on our headphones charging, batteries can be swapped out in seconds to get them running immediately.

24/7 Support

Our tech team is on the the end of the phone at all hours to make sure things runs smoothly.


Build Your Perfect Event

Silent Disco Rental Cost

Silent Disco Rental Cost can be confusing. Because of this, we have outlined all of your fees below.

We don’t have a fixed price per unit because your price per unit goes down as the quantity rented goes up.

Scroll down for our price list

Silent disco rental prices for 2022: 
(scroll lower to see returnable security amount.)

Your cost for the rental of a 20 headphone silent disco system is $233.25
Rental of 30 = $278.75
40 = $323.85
50 = $368.35
75 = $479.60

You can rent an exact number, consequently, You don’t need to rent the round numbers above.

We can also include up to three transmitters. The cost of transmitters is $50/each. 

Our silent disco rental costs include an additional security amount during the rental.
Your security is returned to you as long as there are no loses.

Use this chart to find your returnable security amount:

Rental of 1–10 headsets requires a security of $150.00.
11-25 headsets: $200.00 security.
26-35 headsets: $250.00 security.
36-50 headsets: $300.00 security.
51-100 headsets: $350.00 security.
101-200 headsets: $450.00 security.
201-300 headsets: $550.00 security.
301-400 headsets: $650.00 security.
401-500 headsets: $750.00 security.

Your security amount is returned to you upon safe return of your rental equipment.

Losses that will be deducted from your security are outlined below and on our rental agreement.

Chart of costs for damaged or lost silent disco rental components

When you are ready to get started:

Please Email me or call me at (323) 422-5588 with the exact number of headphones you want to rent.

Summary of how our fees work for your silent disco rental

1) You pay the rent and security up front and in full. After you do that, we can ship your rentals. (Along with that, you will need to sign our rental agreement.)

2) We require a security deposit, which is money that we collect and hold until your rental comes home safely. (see chart above for your amount).

5) We return your security as soon as your rentals arrive safely back home to us.
We deduct damages and losses according to the chart above and Exhibit A on the rental agreement.

Our preferred forms of payment for your silent disco rental are:

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, Zelle, Venmo and paper checks. With that in mind, please let us know if you’d like to use another payment format because we can probably accommodate your needs without trouble.

We use PayPal as a third party processor to process credit cards, so you can pay online and keep your credit card information safe. (Moreover, you don’t have to have a PayPal account when you pay with your credit card.) Additionally, with Corporate clients and public institutions we are able to work with Purchase Orders.

When you are ready to start your reservation please Email me or call me at (323) 422-5588 with the exact number of headphones you want to rent.

One more cost that you can save:

We can save you even more money because our equipment gives you the option of saving the cost of hiring a professional DJ.

This is because one of the most expensive components of putting on a silent dance party is the price of hiring a DJ. But when you go through Icon DJ Silent Disco Rental, you don’t need to hire a DJ unless you want to. Our silent disco rental can include up to three transmitters that use plug-n-play technology so you can control the music with your smartphone/tablet or laptop. Connect your device and fire up your favorite music streaming platform such as Spotify or Apple Music. As soon as you do that, your party will start to rock!

Please Email me with the exact number of headphones you want to rent when you are ready to start your reservation.

Ready to rent?

Email me to get your quote and to get the rental process started at [email protected]