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Icon DJ Presents: Hive-N-Bar

Date: Every Saturday

Time: 6pm PST/9pm EST

Location: Your House!

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Come dance with us at Icon DJs weekly virtual dance party,. Hive-N-Bar!  Due to the COVID 19 pandemic we no longer think it is safe and responsible to be together in person. But luckily, we have technology! 

Tune in & Dance with us


For this event, we’re using a new kind of interactive Zoom experience with 4 different types of engagement:

  • Spotlights – Throughout a spotlight song the host will spotlight dancers to highlight their amazing dance moves.
  • Pin partners – We encourage dancers to ask others to dance with each other by pinning their friend’s video throughout a song.
  • All skate – Exactly what it sounds like. We all jam out to some awesome music together.
  • Breakout rooms – Throughout the night we’ll be setting up breakout rooms so you can hang out with other dancers!

*Please note, you can always opt out of any and all of these activities by turning off your video or jumping out of zoom. You can also stay in the main room instead of going to the breakout rooms if you wish. Your excellent MC’s will be calling the dance and giving you safety info throughout the night and we have a safety team ready in case you have an issue during the dance.

Help us keep the party going

Support Hive-N-Bar by donating to your host, web designer and DJ here: Venmo or Paypal.