Ethan Stone here, your DJ and MC for your Big Day. You probably have some questions about your entertainment and I am here to provide answers. Below you will find my custom responses to frequently asked questions I get from wedding clients. In case I missed your question, please feel free to email it to me at: djethanstone@gmail.com

About DJ Ethan

Q: What experience do you have as a wedding DJ? 

A: I have performed at over 1,000 events to date. Please visit my page website here to learn more about my experience DJing weddings and other events.

Q: Are you vaccinated? 

A: I am vaccinated and I carry my proof of vaccination with me. I also wear a mask at the venue which is the current industry standard for vendors. 

Q: Should we provide you a meal? 

I would very much appreciate it if you could request that the catering director or event coordinator set aside a dairy free meal for me while your guests are enjoying dinner. 


Q: When can we meet you? 

A: I am always happy to jump on a call with clients. Please feel free to text me anytime between Monday-Thursday after 3pm to let me know you are available for a phone call and I’ll call you right back. My number is 323.422.5588.  

Q: What will we discuss on the phone call? 

A: Generally these calls are just a meet and greet. The best way to communicate all of the various details I will need for DJing your wedding is to include them in your DJ timeline. Feel free to be as lengthy in your descriptions on this form as necessary. What we want to avoid are multiple texts and emails with bits of information that are not on your planning form. As long as it’s on the form, I’ve got it covered.

Q: Should we schedule a walkthrough of the venue or invite you to the rehearsal?

A: Walkthroughs and rehearsals are not necessary for me as your DJ. I arrive 2 hours before the start of your wedding which gives me plenty of time to work with the venue to find the perfect spot to set up and I always bring 75’ of extension cable in case power is not super close. That being said, if you think the setup will be extra tricky, please feel free to email me photos for review with your name and wedding date in the subject line. My email is: djethanstone@gmail.com

Q: Do you need to speak with our coordinator or other vendors? 

This is generally not necessary unless you have musicians that need sound reinforcement, in which case I should speak with them in advance to make sure I have their needs covered. Throughout the day, I stay in close contact with the coordinator, photographer and videographer to make sure we are all on the same page. I also check in with the Bride and Groom occasionally to make sure everything is just right and I encourage you to also stop by the DJ booth to let me know if you have any guidance or updates such as a song request or a surprise toast.

Timeline/Planning Form Questions

Q: How do we access/fill out the Timeline? 

A: Please copy and paste my custom wedding DJ timeline template (found here) into an email and send it back to me at: djethanstone@gmail.com. Once this template is completely filled out I’ll have everything I need for your wedding.

Q: When is the Timeline due? 

A: Please try to submit the finalized planning form/timeline at least 2 weeks prior to your celebration. 

Q: How do we update the timeline after it has been submitted? 

A: Please include all updates to your timeline in a new draft and email me the most current complete version, labeled as a new version (i.e. V 2.0.) It is very important to include 100% of the details I will need for your wedding on this one single document so that nothing gets lost or overlooked (such as in a batch of texts or emails.) 


Q: Can you help us with song ideas? 

A: Yes, please click here to view my custom webpage with nearly two dozen unique music charts compiled from actual song requests from countless weddings hosted on my Spotify channel. Get an insider’s look into the songs that determine the success of any wedding. The links will take you to my custom Spotify playlists where you can see wedding favorites and hear them too.

Additional Equipment

Q: Who do we speak to if we wish to add something additional? 

A: If you wish to book anything additional such as additional speakers, a subwoofer, lighting, a photo booth, additional hours, etc, please email me at: djethanstone@gmail.com

I hope this email was helpful. If you have any remaining questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I am honored to have the opportunity to be your DJ and I am really looking forward to your Big Day. 

Thank you,

DJ Ethan Stone